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Technical Support Feedback

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support last Thursday through this Tuesday when we were experiencing difficulties with our phone system. Your help was critical in troubleshooting resolving the issues. I understand that you bent over backwards for us, spending a significant amount of time in conference calls and research on our behalf. Your commitment to delivering excellent service made a huge impact on our company's ability to connect with our customers at a critical time during our busiest season. We are very grateful to you and to FacetCorp for taking such great care of us, so we can take care of our customers who rely on us to be there when they reach out.
    -Edney Distributing Company
    Thank you for your prompt response and great service in getting our server license updated after we replaced hardware late last year. We appreciated being able to speak with actual people instead of only having the option to email requests to your team. Please ensure that you pass our thanks on to Edward as he took the time to listen to our problem and directed us to the correct department after informing us of the information that you would require to meet our needs. Your prompt response has meant that our client has experienced no down time. Thank you.
    -Retailers' Computer Services, Evolving Solutions
    Last week I was installing a hardware upgrade for a client, and the project included FacetWin licenses replacing VisionFS. I was working with products from about half a dozen vendors. The issues I faced with each were small brush fires, but combined, they threatened to make toast of me. One of the issues was that 2 FacetWin licenses were consumed on a single PC, because the PC had both a wireless and a physical NIC. I was sitting with the client at the problem PC when we put the phone in speaker mode and placed a call to FacetCorp support. We were on hold for about 15 seconds, then Jim Hutchins had the answer for us in about 10 seconds. It took longer for us to explain the problem than for Jim to resolve it! We hung up the phone and my client looked at me and said, "Wow, those people are easy to deal with." Thanks again for your great support!
    -Daniel C. Martin Consulting
    Not only did the software go in smoothly, when I called your 877 line for a configuration question the phone was answered on the second ring by a human and I was immediately connected, without question to another human on the second ring who answered my question (in English) to my satisfaction. If the word gets around, people will be calling you for no reason other than to get the rare experience of how things were in the good old days. It was the best warm, fuzy experience I've had all year. I'm going to have to find more reasons to do business with you in the future.
    - Minicomputer Business Systems
    Extraordinary customer service and technical support. The term "RTFM" is not in your vocabulary!
    -Hallak & Sons, Inc.
    I have called your tech support 2-3 times, but only because I needed to install it on remote machines and kept forgetting what I needed to do or couldn't find the right download area on your website. Not being a Unix wizard myself, your tech support is unsurpassed.
    -Accelerated Collection Systems, Inc.
    Thank you so much again for all your help. The support I've received at FacetCorp is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -InHealth Record Systems
    FacetWin Tech Support was there when I needed them. I didn't go through 10 different automated phone selections and then have to wait hours for a response. TS was there and available immediately. TS was knowledgeable, patient, and indispensable in finding and curing problems.
    There are other products which compete with FacetWin software, but I don't know of any company that does a better job of technical support. And, as it is in many fairly complex installations, technical support during the installation can save the day, as it did in this case.
    When you buy from FacetCorp, you are not just buying software. You are buying the superb technical support that can be critical to the successful installation of the software.
    -Micro Support Packages, Inc.
    Eric Yundt, did a super job in helping us get the FacetWin printing and logins to work with Red Hat Linux. He is one of the reasons that Houston Dataflow uses the FacetCorp product. The product works and the support is fantastic.
    Again, Eric thanks for all your help this weekend, it saved the customer a major headache, and I learned a lot.
    -Houston Dataflow, Inc.
    I must brag on FacetWin Support; over the years it has been extraordinary.
    You offered precise instructions that worked right the first time.
    You guys give great support!
    -Dantack Corporation
    I recently called your office and spoke, at length, with Mr. Will Flowers regarding a printer incompatability problem. I am not a computer literate person and I advised Mr. Flowers of this. It was never a problem for him. He lead me through all the right channels very patiently and professionally. He never got upset or frustrated with me or my situation. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed with Mr. Flowers' attitude and concern for my situation. I deal with people all over the United States and it is difficult to find people who really care. Well, it looks like I found one! Since supervisors typically hear only the negative feedback, I wanted to share my positive experience with your organization. Thanks for your help!
    -SGA - South
    Your support staff is excellent and Eric is the best. He has pulled us out of the fire on many occasions and I can't thank you enough for having him on your support team....
    -INS Software Company
    I just got off the phone with your Tech Support department (which I seldom get to use because your product just doesn't break). I would really like to again thank Eric for a splendid job, but also let FacetCorp as a company know that your Tech Support Department is the very BEST I've had the pleasure to associate with. What a pleasure! And completely knowledgeable and helpful regarding my call concerning Windows 2000 and AIX..... Thank you again, and I sure wish Mr. Gates had such people on his staff.
    -Cee Kay Supply, Inc.
    Great technical help!
    -Sievers Company
    I want to thank Jim Hutchins for all his hard work with Cyberscience and our prospective customer. Jim and his team have gone beyond what I consider to be exceptional support. He has coordinated communication between us, the vendor, and the customer effectively and positively. I want to commend Jim, your team, and mostly your support philosophy for helping your customers work through issues that may not be your product's problem. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated.
    -Cyberscience Corporation
    FacetCorp has the best customer service in my experience of dealing with the same line of businesses out there for the last 6 years. I was working with one of your reps (Will Flowers) this afternoon and he stayed on the phone and solved the problem and I am one happy customer. This is my third call in the last week talking to different people and they are all great!!! Thank you.
    -East Bay Clarklift, Inc.
    WOW! I am the new I.S. Manager and we were experiencing FacetTerm issues. I began by emailing tech support (the issues weren't halting productivity) and Will, one of the support engineers, called me! That is a first in my many years of dealing with other tech support groups!!! Thanks for the help.
    -Cooperative Optical
    I had the pleasure of dealing with your support people today. I must say that you all are the nicest and most helpful tech people I have ever dealt with. Will has the most patience and knowledge of anyone I have talked to. I feel good that I can get the kind of help I need when I have a problem. I was ready to give up and Will kept making me try things until my problem was resolved. Thanks again.
    -Performance Plus Motorcycles
    I am a reseller and have dealt with MANY vendor support lines. Yours is one of the top 5 and you should be really proud. As a reseller, I cannot emphasize enough how timely and competent tech support adds value to a product. I have called 4 or 5 times on a variety of issues and EVERY time it was dealt with in a timely, competent, professional fashion. Well done.
    -Western Pump
    I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the support we have received from your technical staff while implementing Facetwin at our company. In a word it has been 'exceptional.' From the evaluation stage to and through the full implementation we have received prompt, courteous, and technically useful responses from your staff. At various times in the past few months we have dealt with Eric, Travis, and Tre and each has provided competent, professional support. At a time when 'support' is woeful at many companies in the computer industry, it is a pleasant surprise to find one where the value of a good relationship with your customer is still recognized - a trait unfortunately rare enough that I felt it warranted this note.
    -CNA RE
    I just wanted to drop a line and thank your company for giving me a wonderful experience in customer service. I had two issues in the past few months running FacetWin, and the support team answered my questions promptly. They explained everything clearly and allowed me to resolve the issues quickly. Thank you very much for the service that you offer. It is rare to find a support staff as courteous and as helpful as your staff is. Thank you very much.
    -Bauman's Mens Shop
    It is refreshing to see an individual and organization to be so helpful even though it appeared obvious from the beginning that the problem did not originate from their product. There was no finger pointing, blaming, or passing the buck. What we received was just good old friendly support and assistance. Once again, our thanks to Tre and FacetCorp for providing excellent support and confirming our belief that FacetWin was the best choice in selecting a PC to UNIX software package.
    -Petro Computer Systems
    It is not very often that I get service from a company that makes me want to take the time out of my schedule to write and tell them thank you, but I recieved the best service I have ever gotten from any company I have ever dealt with. Eric was incredible at determining my problem and helping me through it. He stayed with it even after your normal quiting time and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help I recieved from him. He even gave me a few suggestions all of which worked, to clean up my LAN.
    -Star Equipment Ltd
    We have been using the FacetWin product for about four months and have used the Technical Support at least 5 times. I have never been treated better nor have I been able to resolve issues as quickly and thorough as with this team. You truely have a very good thing going and this type of assistance will increase sales. Thank you again for all of your assistance.
    -Precision Finishing Inc.
    I was having trouble installing the trial version of FacetWin and Tom Simerson gave me the exact information I needed to finish a flawless installation. He knew exactly what I needed, how I needed to do it and gave me perfect instructions each time. He is to be commended on his expertise and timely responses. It is great to see either customer service or tech support that is helping people with evaluation products as most companies only try and keep current customers and don't care about potential customers. FacetCorp is to be praised for their attention to these details.
    -United Methodist Homes
    To all at FacetCorp: I would like to extend my appreciation for the extra attention I feel I received recently. I cannot comment enough on how helpful and diligent Will Flowers has been in resolving my issue. I have contacted tech support maybe three time besides this incident and have always had postive experiences. Because of the complexity of this particular incident I have to say I am truely impressed and pleased with the service Will has provided. Although we are a small account, Will still regarded the issue as valid and resolvable. As a conuslting company, any opportunity I have to suggest your product, please believe I will.
    -CornerStar, Inc.
    We have been using FacetWin for over nine months and have never had better experiences with Tech Support be it hardware or software. The integration from a local area network to a wide area network was smooth and quick. Thanks to techs like Eric, for the knowledge and friendly, professionalism, that make FacetCorp the best company, in the industry, I have ever dealt with.
    -MAAX Westco Inc.
    I sent an e-mail to FacetCorp Technical Support concerning trouble we were experiencing with FacetTerm. I received a response the same day! The responding e-mail from Jim Hutchins was not only concise and helpful but he offered additional telephone support if I needed it. What a refreshing change from the usual tech support. Thank you.
    -Trader Publishing Company
    [FacetCorp] tech support is the greatest!
    -Hex 'FF', Inc.
    This letter is to express our appreciation for the exceptional assistance provided to us by your excellent tech support staff. [The tech support staff] agressively pursued a solution to our problem until it was brought to a successful conclusion. Their tenacity and determination were especially valuable to us at a time when we had a very limited timeframe in which to resolve the problem. The competence and professionalism of your support staff is to be commended.
    -Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
    Tech Support is excellent.
    -CSC Computers
    Tech support was great.
    -News Publishing Co.
    FacetWin tech support stayed on the phone for three hours during the set-up. It was very helpful.
    -Shared Business Services
    The abilities and attitudes of support personnel were great.
    -Input Optics
    Tech support has been great!
    -Tribune Review
    Tech support will stay on-line as long as needed. They are not rushed to get you off the phone.
    -Swanson Computer Consultants
    I have enjoyed dealing with tech support. Everyone I have talked to has been great and very knowledgeable.
    -Core Code, Ltd.
    Tech support is very helpful.
    -AAP St. Mary’s
    Customer support is very helpful.
    -Data Flow Systems, Inc.
    Tech Support is very good, and very helpful.
    -Robert Mann Packaging
    A solution to a problem was readily available from the tech support at the first call.
    -Berry Best Services, Ltd.
    Technical support was very easy to reach. They solved our problem quickly.
    -Business Computer Design, Inc.
    The technical support staff has been unbelievably responsive and very knowledgeable.
    -Martack Corp.
    Good tech support.
    -Borden Foods
    I would like to tell you that FacetCorp has the best tech support system of any company I have !!**EVER**!! dealt with. Thank you for your hard work!
    -International Micro

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