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FacetTerm Multiple Session Manager

Multiple Sessions for Character-Based UNIX/LINX Applications

FacetTermĀ® is the award winning software utility that allows character terminals (and PCs running in terminal emulation mode), to run up to ten sessions at a time when connected to a UNIX or Linux server.

NOW AVAILABLE ON SCO OpenServer 6 and Linux

FacetTerm allows you to run up to 10 simultaneous sessions and hot-key between them. You can copy and paste between sessions, print the screen, have FacetTerm "watch" for off-screen activity and more.

FacetTerm is a tremendous productivity tool for character-based UNIX applications. The payback for FacetTerm in terms of increased user productivity is often less than 2 weeks.

There is nothing like seeing a live demonstration to help understand the features and benefits of FacetTerm. We can give you a great view of FacetTerm in real operation at our office through the Internet (using WebEx). Just contact us and let us know when would be good time for a short demo.

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