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Please fill out and submit the form below to get a preliminary quote on a FacetPhone system or the monthly FacetPhone hosted service.  You can choose either the hosted or on-premise quote requests or both if you want to compare.  We will email the quote to the address you provide or call you at the phone number you provide.  If you are interested, then we can go into more details and cover other needs you might have such as overhead paging, door phones, etc.


    About your phone service

    You might have more that one kind of service.  For example you might have a PRI and also a few analog lines.  If you have dedicated analog lines for fax, we recommend you do not put those on the phone system.  If you have more than one type of phone service you will want to connect to the phone system, just indicate that in the form.

    There are three kinds of phone service for FacetPhone to connect to:

    Analog Lines

    These are the typical copper lines from the phone company.  However, you may have cable or fiber service and still have analog lines split off of that service to connect to a phone system. In the form, the number of lines is the number of these individual lines that will connect to the phone system.

    T1 PRI

    This is the digital phone service that comes in over a T1 from the phone company.  A full PRI has 23 voice channels.  Again, you might have cable or fiber service and they might split off a PRI connection to connect to a phone system.  In the form, the number of lines will be 23 unless you have a partial T1.

    SIP Trunks

    This is phone service that comes in over your Internet connection.  There is no physical connection to the phone system except that the phone system is on your LAN and the SIP packets are routed by your Internet firewall to the phone system.  In the quote form, the number of lines is the maximum concurrent calls you are configured for by the SIP trunk provider.

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