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On Premise or Hosted

Choose Between an On-Premise System or Cloud Service

FacetPhone is available either as an on-premise system (you buy it) or as a cloud service (you rent it).  It is the same system either way with the difference being where the server is, who owns it and how the customer pays for the phone system.

FacetPhone As an On-Premise Phone System

An on-premise phone system is less expensive than the hosted service in the long run but, of course, has a larger up-front cost.  The crossover where it becomes less expensive to have the on-premise system is sometime in the second year of ownership. Companies with more than 20 users will probably find the on-premise system the best way to go.

Note that “on-premise” does not necessarily mean that the server has to be in your office.  We have customers who put their server in a hosting center so that they have the same power and connectivity redundancy that the hosted service has while owning their own system.  FacetCorp will also host your purchased system for a very reasonable monthly fee giving your the long term cost benefits of a purchase and the high availability benefits of the hosted environment.

The FacetPhone system can connect to any type of existing or future phone service you might have including analog lines, PRI and SIP trunks.  SIP trunks provide extremely competitive rates and the phone service comes in over your Internet connection so there is no hardware needed to connect to them.

FacetPhone As a Cloud Service

The FacetPhone cloud service has lower up-front costs and removes the need for the customer to have to think about the server at all.  The phones are the only equipment at the customer’s location. The hosted system has:

  • All the functionality of the FacetPhone system included in a cloud service with a low monthly fee.  There are no add-on packages.
  • No contract.  Keep it month to month for as long as you like, quit anytime you want.
  • No big charge for “unlimited” minutes (news flash: they don’t lose money on that!).  Pay only for your actual usage at very reasonable rates.
  • Fax needs handled with an e-fax solution.

The hosted service requires an adequate Internet connection at your location.  If this is not available at your location, they you need the on-premise system instead.  If you grow to a size that you want to switch to an on-premise system, we can easily move your system to your own server.

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