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FacetPhone Support

FacetPhone Annual Support

The first year of support of a FacetPhone system is included with the purchase. After that, annual support must be continuously maintained in order to receive technical support of your FacetPhone system. If there is a lapse in technical support on your system, support must be purchased from the date when it expired in order to reinstate support of your system.

FacetPhone customers under annual support are provided

FacetCorp support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm U.S. central time zone, excluding major U.S. holidays.

Email Technical Support

Email inquiries to [email protected] are entered into the FacetCorp ticket tracking system. The email inquiry is reviewed and handled by one of FacetCorp’s trained support technicians. After hours email requests will be processed the next business day.

Telephone Technical Support

Toll-free (from North America) telephone support from a support technician is available during normal business hours. Telephone requests left after hours on voice mail will be processed the next business day.

Free Product Version Upgrades

Customers’ FacetPhone systems may be upgraded to new software versions at no additional charge.

Annual FacetPhone support does NOT cover:

FacetPhone reconfiguration required due to customer network changes.

FacetPhone reconfiguration required due to changes in the customer’s phone service or Internet service.

Relocation of any FacetPhone equipment that requires reconfiguration of the equipment.

Setup of hardware not purchased from FacetCorp or an authorized FacetCorp reseller.

Extensive and frequent auto-attendant reconfiguration.

Recording of custom auto-attendant prompts.

Creation of custom reports or IVR systems. Maintenance of these after initial delivery is also not included in the standard support.

Configuration of customer’s routers required for FacetPhone operation.

FacetCorp will provide assistance for these items on a time and expense basis at FacetCorp’s current rates.

If you have purchased your FacetPhone system from a dealer and that dealer provides direct support for your system, then you should contact your dealer for help first. If you bought your system directly from FacetCorp or your dealer wants you to contact FacetCorp for support, then we can be reached by email at [email protected] and by phone at 877-322-3846 or 972-985-9901, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM Central time.

FacetCorp supports its customers’ FacetPhone systems remotely via a secure connection across the Internet.

When every FacetPhone system is installed, part of the installation process involves having changes made on the customer’s Internet router to allow a secure ssh connection through to the FacetPhone server. Through that connection we can make all changes necessary on the system.

This is how every FacetPhone system has been successfully supported:

We have instant access to your system from our office when we need to diagnose a problem.

When a customer has a backup server, we can have them running on the backup server in a matter of minutes if the primary server fails.

A monitoring process on the FacetPhone server will automatically notify us via email if some condition has reached a threshold that needs attention, such as the amount of disk space available or the failure of a backup server to stay synced up with the active server. This allows us to address potential problems before they occur.

We can easily upload new FacetPhone software to your system and remotely upgrade it to provide new features or fix bugs. A FacetPhone software upgrade typically takes only a couple of minutes and we typically do them while the customer’s business is closed so that the brief outage has negligible effect.

We perform a daily backup of your system’s configuration and keep the files here at our office. In case of a failure at a customer site where there is no backup server, we will be able to restore the system’s configuration when the server is repaired. We do not backup any customer voice mail.

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