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Founded in 1998, FacetCorp’s award winning FacetTerm and FacetWin software products have been used by over a million users worldwide. This success continues with the feature rich and highly scalable FacetPhone VoIP business phone system. Once you become a FacetPhone customer you will enjoy our legendary support!

FacetPhone Advantages

FacetPhone is an IP-PBX business phone system with call center capabilities that runs on Mac OS X or Linux. It provides Unified Communications features with a computer user interface.  FacetPhone’s mobile app serves as a phone extension on the system plus it has the Unified Communications features of the computer user interface.  With its Voice over IP architecture and the user interface, FacetPhone is ideal for uniting branch offices and telecommuters into a unified business communications system.

FacetPhone's Computer
User Interface

FacetPhone’s Unified Communications features are provided by both the computer user interface and the mobile app. These include presence management (see other users’ status), instant messaging, details of calls active on the system, visual voicemail, and visual call control.  Being aware of others’ status avoids phone tag.  Instant messaging with your colleagues can let you quietly get additional information while you are already on the phone with someone else.  Visual voice mail allows you to listen to them in whatever order you want.  Controlling your calls with the user interface instead of buttons on your phone makes transfers, conferencing, holding, parking, etc intuitive and easy.

VoIP for Mac with unified communications

Advanced Mobile
Soft Phone App

FacetPhone’s mobile app is unrivaled among soft phones for business phone systems. The app not only makes your smart phone an extension on the phone system but also has the users’ status display, current calls display, call control, instant messaging and visual voice mail that the computer user interface has.  Take the power of FacetPhone with you when you are on the go.

Business softphone app for iPhone
Business softphone app for iPhone

Every Customer
Gets It All

Every FacetPhone customer gets every FacetPhone feature.  There are no add-on packages.  Whether it’s our unparalleled technical support, mobile app, or call center features, it’s all included!

Business softphone for Mac and Linux

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