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FacetTerm: UNIX/Linux Multiple Session Manager

Although it is legacy technology, there are still many character based computer applications in use, especially in vertical industry applications.  If you are using character based applications on a UNIX or Linux server, you need FacetTerm!

Award Winning

FacetTerm® is the award winning software utility that allows character applications running in a terminal emulator (or actual terminal) to run up to 10 simultaneous sessions and hot-key between them when connected to a UNIX or Linux server.  You can copy and paste between sessions, print the screen, have FacetTerm “watch” for off-screen activity and more.

FacetTerm for UNIX

FacetTerm is a tremendous productivity tool for character-based UNIX applications. The payback for FacetTerm in terms of increased user productivity is often less than 2 weeks.

FacetTerm has been part of HP’s HP-UX® operating system for decades as tsm (Terminal Session Manager).

FacetTerm is available for various Linux distributions, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, Sun OS and FreeBSD and of course, if you have HP-UX, you already have it as tsm.

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