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Reseller Programs

FacetPhone Reseller Program

FacetPhone was developed specifically with resellers in mind. We are interested in working with new partners who have networking expertise and want to provide business communications as part of their offering.  If you are interested in becoming a FacetPhone reseller, call (877)322-3846 and ask for sales or inquire at [email protected].

What Does it Take to Sell FacetPhone?

Networking Background:

FacetPhone is an advanced business communications system. Of course, fundamentally, it is a networking application. FacetCorp has man-decades of experience developing high quality networking applications. FacetPhone is a good fit for resellers with experience managing networks and networking applications. The installation, setup and configuration of FacetPhone is logical and easy but the best way to mess it up is to have a mis-configured network!  Therefore, we consider computer networking expertise to be the number one requirement for being a FacetPhone reseller.

Telephony Background:

Resellers of legacy PBX systems with little or no networking experience will probably not find FacetPhone to be a good match for them.  However, if you have made the migration to IP based phone systems, then you will find FacetPhone to be an easy system to install and manage.  If you have no telephony background but have the necessary networking expertise, you will find all the telephony concepts you need to know in the FacetPhone manuals.

What Does FacetPhone Do for My Customers?

FacetPhone is designed to allow for competitive pricing.  With the user interface, you can easily get by as well with an inexpensive IP phone as with an expensive high-end one.  In fact, it is easier to operate the system with the user interface and a cheap phone than with an expensive phone alone.

In addition, the customer will see a quick return on investment through such things as:

Reduced communications costs and higher employee productivity through FacetPhone’s branch office support that ties headquarters and all branches into a unified phone system.

Reduced office space needs through FacetPhone’s telecommuter support.

Increased efficiency and higher productivity by instantly seeing the location and status of coworkers through FacetPhone’s Presence Management.

Increased customer service and productivity by utilizing FacetPhone’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) contact center features.

Better management of customer service with call recording and recording archives.

Improved customer service and productivity by integrating the customer’s customer relationship management system with FacetPhone.  Users can dial from their application and get screen pops based on incoming caller ID.

Reduced worries because FacetPhone is backed by the best customer service and technical support in the business.

What is Included in the FacetPhone Reseller Program?

Not for Resale System:

As you might expect, FacetCorp provides our FacetPhone resellers an easy way to get a FacetPhone system for your in-house use and/or demonstration system.  Beginning with your first customer sale, FacetCorp will credit your account for the FacetPhone software licenses you buy for your NFR system up to the amount sold to your customer, whichever is less.

Sales Assistance:

FacetCorp will work closely with you on your sales efforts.  We will provide product information and live demonstrations for you and your prospective customers.  We will work with you to complete your prospect’s quotation and proposal. In short, FacetCorp is your sales support team.

FacetCorp Support:

Last but not least, you are never alone! FacetPhone is backed by the best customer service and technical support group in the business.

FacetWin and FacetTerm Reseller Programs

FacetWin and FacetTerm have always been sold exclusively through resellers.  If you are a UNIX/Linux reseller, you will find these two productivity products will greatly enhance your product offering.  If you are interested in becoming a FacetWin or FacetTerm reseller (or both!), call (877)322-3846 and ask for sales or inquire at [email protected].


The Authorized Reseller Program is designed to assist the reseller in licensing, supporting, training and marketing FacetWin and FacetTerm. The inclusion of these productivity products with the reseller’s product normally results in one or both of the following for the reseller:

  • A more competitive product in their market niche – easier and more cost effective to install and administer.
  • Incremental revenue when their customer decides to buy this connectivity tool.

The Program

The FacetWin and FacetTerm Reseller Programs provide:

  • For Facetwin, a 5 user license for in-house use, not for resale.
  • For FacetTerm, a 4 user license for in-house use, not for resale.
  • Sales brochures.
  • Unlimited access to pre- and post-sale technical support.
  • Competitive discounts from our industry leading distribution channel.

SIP Trunking Partners

FacetPhone should work with most SIP trunking providers but this is not guaranteed.  This page lists the providers that FacetPhone customers are successfully using and also additional providers that have been tested but not used by any FacetPhone customers to our knowledge.

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