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FacetPhone in a Doctor’s Office With Two Clinic Locations

bent tree family physicians logoBent Tree Family Physicians is a primary care practice with two clinic locations in Frisco and Dallas, Texas.  As primary care doctors, their “specialty” is a personal interest in their patients’ care, providing a high degree of accessibility  and staying informed of the latest advances in medical knowledge.

In late 2011, Adrian Pilgrim, the IT Director at Bent Tree, contacted us with interest in a new phone system.  They wanted a single system to unify both clinics, needed high capacity faxing capability, and needed to support a staff that works in many locations in the clinic.  In April 2012 we installed the system in the larger Frisco clinic first and then in the Dallas clinic.  The Frisco server operates the phones and media gateways connected to phone service at both locations.  The Dallas server keeps itself synced with the Frisco server.  If the Dallas office loses connectivity to Frisco, the Dallas server can takeover for just that office.  If the Frisco server has a problem, the Dallas server can take over for both clinics.

Fax remains a dominant means of communication in medical practices.  While we usually have customers just keep their fax machines off the phone system, in some cases this is not possible.  For example, the Bent Tree clinic in Frisco only has T1 phone service, so there are not analog lines to connect fax machines directly into.  So, in this case the fax machines (actually fax servers) are on the FacetPhone system.  Media gateways provide FXS ports to connect to the fax equipment making them stations on the FacetPhone system that the fax number can be routed to.

Another unique aspect of the Bent Tree system is the degree to which they use FacetPhone’s “location profile” feature.  Some of the staff members work at many different stations in the clinic.  They can login to FacetPhone, choose the location profile for the phone where they are working and their calls come to them with nobody needing to know where they are working.  We think Bent Tree currently holds the record for a user with the most number location profiles!

Another feature that we find doctors often like is the ability to install a soft phone (or the FacetPhone mobile app) on their smart phone and allow it to act like an extension on the FacetPhone system.  That way a doctor can return a call to a patient after hours and have them receive the clinic’s caller ID instead of the doctor’s cell phone caller ID.

We look forward to being part of Bent Tree’s commitment of being highly accessible to their patients for many more years to come.

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